General Session Minutes

June 5, 2002

Sunrise at Wigwam Homeowners Association

PO BOX 25466
TEMPE, AZ 85285
(480) 820-3451

  1. Keith called meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.
    Board members in attendance; Keith Brown, Kate Bezzegh, Joe Cooper, Birgitte Santaella. Peri Swenson - Kinney Management.
  2. Review of Financial Statement dated April 30, 2002. Homeowners had numerous concerns about the landscape service and cost. Most concerns were about lack of weeding, trimming and trash pick up. Keith requested a copy of the contract with AAA Landscape. Peri will provide a contract copy and call AAA to discuss issues brought up by Homeowners. There are also two line items in the budget actuals being used for postage. Peri will have this corrected. Keith discussed looking at all contracts including landscape service and management. Announced to Homeowners that the community was currently out to bid for management and that the Board had several proposals to review. There was also a question is reference to the profit/extra money in the operating funds. Kate explained that until they had reviewed the financials through the end of the year, they would not be able to determine if there were extra funds.
  3. Several issues were brought up by Homeowners in Open Discussion.
    1. Quarterly newsletter and website for the community.
    2. Problems with street parking - can't see kids, move easily through streets, looks bad etc…Homeowners would like tougher enforcement by management. Suggestions were made for fines and parking passes for quests.
    3. Dog issues throughout the community - not being picked up after, not walked on leashes, continual barking problems. Suggestions were made to limit the number, size and breeds of pets.
    4. Community ideas - yearly community yard sale, block parties and adding amenities to the park like basketball or bathrooms.
    5. Meeting dates and times - try to avoid Litchfield School Board Meeting dates. Website was given to avoid future scheduling conflicts if possible.
    6. Board said they would consider all issues and ideas.
  4. Adjournment at 7:45 p.m.